The  ULTRAponics GroTube (tm) can be set up in a multitude of variations and can be used in several ways.

The main way to set up is on a stand, either ours or yours, or hung singly  from a GroLight, balcony railing, ceiling, etc. with pipe  hangers.

After the  stand is set up, place each GroTube across the 32 inch wide portion of the stand with each DRAIN side of each GroTube placed at the SAME  side. This will be important later while attaching your water pump to the completed system.

Install  the connecting TEES and ELBOWS to each GroTube in the System. We  typically install ELBOW on boths sides of the FIRST and LAST GroTube  in the System facing each other at opposite ends of the System. Tees should be placed with the barbed opening facing at right angles to the GroTube along the stand when in the operating position so that it is also pointed at the rest of the GroTubes (see Fig. ) The TEES are typically used in the inside/center GroTubes in a System. Tees and Elbows are glued into the small openings in the bottom of each GroTube. These small openings are the FILL (short/low part inside  the GroTube and the DRAIN (tall part at the other end, inside the  GroTube). Glue them in with PVC Cement, also available at any  hardware shop or plumber’s supply, the small can clear  normal/regular viscosity is fine.

After the  TEES and ELBOWS have been installed properly, the GroTubes properly placed in the System with the DRAIN sides all on one side, the FILL sides all on the other and a little time is given for the glue to  dry, use 1 inch vinyl tubing to connect the TEES and ELBOWS of each  GROTUBE together to form a System. With the 1 inch I.O. (inside diameter) hose, Part #, measure and cut the hose for the desired spacing you want between each row of GroTubes. We typically use 1 to 1 1/2 feet but spacings can be made shorter or wider as you want or need them to be. If necessary, spacings can even be changed at any time while plants are growing without having to remove them from the System. Have enough of the 1 inch vinyl tubing left over to make the fill and drain connections from the GroTube System to the reservoir, 3-4 feet. Start from one end of the System, push the tubing onto the barbed part on each TEE or ELBOW to connect one to the next. Begin with the first GroTube in the System with the TEE. Connect that TEE  to the next GroTube’s TEE or ELBOW, depending on the number of  GroTubes in your System. The first GRoTube in a System will always  have two elbows. The last GroTube in the System can have either two ELBOWS or two TEES, depending on how you want to form the final FILL and DRAIN to the reservoir. All inside GroTubes in a System will  have two TEES. See Figs. The two ways to connect the SYSTEM to the  reservoir are: 1. If the last GroTube in the System (the one closest to the reservoir) has two Tees: place approximately 4-6 inches (more if necessary) on each TEE of that GroTube. Use one 1 inch 90 degree  L shaped plastic connector, Part # , for the DRAIN side. Slip one  barbed end of this L connector onto the last 4-6 inch piece of 1  inch tubing on the last TEE of the last GroTube on the DRAIN side.  Slip another piece of tubing on the other end long enough to go a few inches from the bottom of your reservoir. Now, the DRAIN side is  done. On the FILL side OR 2. If the last GroTube in the System has  two Elbows: Cut the vinyl tubing between the last GroTube and the  one next to it. Use one 1 inch connector Tee that has barbs on all 3 legs, Part # . Slip the long side of the tee into the cut tubing of  each GroTube with the perpendicular leg pointing toward the  reservoir. Slip a piece of tubing long enough to reach to within a  couple of inches of the bottom of your reservoir. Now, the drain side is done in this configuration. On the FILL side

 The ways it can be used are flood only, drip only or a combination of flood and drip with or without rooting medium (typically Aliflor or other baked clay pellet or even loose or cube Rockwool) inside the main  chamber. We always use a little baked clay pellets in the Plant Site area of each GroTube around the peat ball we have our cuttings, clones or germinated seeds growing in to give a little support.