Welcome to the ULTRAponics website. We manufacture high quality, easy to use and maintain hydroponic growing equipment. Our main product is the ULTRAponics GroTube.

We also sell other selected hydroponic products, such as: lighting equipment, nutrient, pumps, timers, testers, etc. from our retail store in Chicago. We can order anything you might want to try from other manufacturers. We only stock selected products. We consider the GroTube to be the ultimate hydroponic system. As such, we only want to stock other products that are just as good. So, we only offer lighting equipment, nutrient, medium, etc. that we know is the best from our own experience. We will not sell anything to sell something, just to make a buck. We understand the value of your time and money invested in a hydroponic garden and donít want to disappoint you with products that donít perform.

The ULTRAponics GroTube System, the ULTIMATE hydroponic equipment.

The ULTRAponics GroTube should be the first system you buy and will be the last you ever need to.



GroTube Systems